Strike Force Kitty 3: Last Stand

While our heroes, Strike Force Kitty 2, carried out an invasion of the lands of foxes, their king crept up behind the castle of kittens.
With a large army of foxes, he attacked the Big Cats Castle and lost.
The defeated and tired army of mean foxes hired mighty raccoons of mercenaries to support their ranks!
In the game "Strike Force Kitty 3: Last Stand" you will lead the defense of the castle of cats. The main goal - to kill all enemies who try to attack the castle.
You no longer need to go anywhere, your kittens are standing near the castle and awaiting a meeting with the enemy.
So, under your leadership, as many as six kittens. Your enemies raccoons will approach the castle in small groups, and you must kill them, otherwise they will capture the castle.
As before, you can take away their armor - costumes from their enemies. Now for one kitten you can wear only a whole suit, not individual items. Each of the costumes gives a certain bonus to the whole group.
The coolest bonuses are such as: mass treatment, a chance for a double blow, a chance for rebirth, and many others.
Also, a fish appears on the places of killed enemies, which is added to your account. You can spend stocks of fish to improve your castle or to improve the performance of your warriors.
It is worth noting that the damage and life of each kitten are the same, the difference between them is only the clothes dressed on them and their weapons.
Your assault squad kittens will join the battle automatically as soon as they see enemies, but you can also press the attack key to increase the attack speed of each kitten.
Upgrade your castle, dress the kittens in the newest costumes and upgrade their defense and attack skills.
Fight off every wave of raccoons, one after another, as well as defeat the big bosses.
The last battle begins right now! Can a squad of brave kittens to protect their castle? Let's get a look!