Super Sneak

Rusty was long in love with his girlfriend Sophie.
He had such warm feelings for her that he took a serious step. He offered the beauty to marry him.
Alas, Sophie was a very mercantile lady and did not appreciate the spiritual impulses of poor fellow Rusty.
Pretty said she would not reciprocate until the young man gave her all the things that she indicated on the list.
From this moment our story begins. In the game Super Sneak you will see how an ordinary guy takes a risk for the sake of love. So, now you have become a robber and go to work. You need to find all the money and not get caught by the cops. Rusty will rob banks, shops and collector cars using their agility and disguise.
To hide from the cops, you can use garbage cans. The most important thing - do not fall under the beam of a flashlight, otherwise they will chase you and catch you.
At the end of each level, you can click on the icon with the image of Sophie and get into the store.
There you can buy everything that a beautiful woman dreams of.
The main thing is to have enough money.