Teen Titans Go! Housebroken Hero

Today we will introduce you closer to one of the most fun and extraordinary titans – Beast Boy.
This young hero has a special gift.
He can reincarnate in any animal and does it very skillfully.
And Beast Boy is very funny and he just loves jokes.
One-day Cyborg was tired of Beast Boy's jokes and he scolded him.
The guy was terribly offended and decided to prove to all of the titans that he is not small and adapted to independent living very much.
That is what you now have to prove.
In the game " Teen Titans Go! Housebroken Hero ", you will help the boy to join the cycle of daily routine.
Although you will also have to work hard.
You will be in the skin of different animals: mice, mole, kangaroo, meerkat and others.
You will have to cope with various difficulties, because you will walk upside down, plunge into darkness and lead the animal, which will automatically go by itself.
Have a nice game!