The Green Kingdom

Once, the king was told bad news, that his Green Kingdom is in danger.
The king was a little sad, but he decided to defend his kingdom at any cost.
The main goal in this game is to defend your main castle and destroy all enemies and their castles that are located on the map.
You can build buildings only on your land. Just click on the land and select the desired building. Mining will bring you good money.
Towers are needed to kill approaching enemy soldiers.
In the barracks you can train soldiers and send them into battle.
Make a plan for the development of your city, cleverly arrange all the buildings.
Install towers in strategic places to prevent the enemy from approaching your castle. In total, you have to pass at least 15 different levels to protect the Green Kingdom and to win back your territories.
With each level, the complexity of the game increases markedly, but it also becomes more interesting to play.