The Halloween Souls

Halloween is a feast which is dedicated to remembering the dead, to showing recognition and respect to the deceased who have left the life as we know it in deep belief and in devoted faith.
That is why many people go and visit the graveyards, lighting candles and handing out cookies and candies for the peace of the dead. But, for most of the people, Halloween is all about the trivial festive activities, such as making and going to costume parties, making different kinds of decorations from carved pumpkins, telling scary stories, watching horror movies, making pranks, visiting haunted castles etc. On the other hand, Ophelia is a girl for whom these activities are all negligible despite the excitement that she relates to her childhood memories of this part of the year.
As a grown – up she has become aware of a reality that is disturbing and not so pleasant for her. Namely, she has been haunted by the bad spirits of her predecessors and only recently she has come across information that she may cope with them on Halloween night. That is why, she eagerly waits for the Halloween night when she visits the castle whose owners were her predecessors and her goal is to discover what they want from her and what needs to be done in order to help them find peace.
As a result of her quest, she expects to be left in peace and even to talk her antecedents out of their insistent hostile presence in her daily activities.
As she goes through the story with the souls of her late foreparents, she discovers that her task is to find as many objects as her predecessors ask her to in order to leave her alone. Searching for these objects, our player, who is in Ophelia’s role, will wander around beautiful scenes and panoramas, and at the same time will feel the attractiveness of the unknown and exciting.