Sleepwalking is a very dangerous thing.
In a dream, a person simply gets up and walks with eyes closed in an unknown direction.
Some just wander around the room, and some can stroll around the windowsill without the slightest fear.
Here is such a misfortune overtook Mr. Potato.
He got up in the middle of the night, went out into the yard, started the car and drove away in an unknown direction.
As it turned out, it was the vampires who put a hand on him and sent him to Transylvania.
Transylvania is an ancient city where, according to legend, for many centuries bloodthirsty vampires live.
And so Mr. Potato managed to get into the most dangerous place in the world.
In the game "Transylvania", you must help the poor fellow to get out of this monastery of bloodsucking demons.
To do this, you need to call for help all your logic and ingenuity.
You must find a way out of each mini level using your intelligence.
Sometimes you have a hard time, but have patience and you can help Mr. Potato get out of Transylvania.
Good luck!