TriBot Fighter

TriBot - fighting robot.
He remained the last surviving robot of its kind.
Now he is forced to fight for his life with alien invaders.
He must return to his home planet by all means possible.
But for this you have to make great efforts and fighting spirit.
in the game "TriBot Fighter", you will need to help this brave warrior to survive and get even with all the enemies that were involved in the death of his fellows.
Are you ready to quench the tribe's revenge and punish the guilty?
Then, go ahead! TriBot is a transformer. He owns three different forms.
He can turn into a super strong robot, super fast and super hard.
During the battle, you can upgrade by learning new abilities on a certain form of the TriBot.
This can be done with the help of special items that you will find during your trip.
During the battle, you can take any form or even vary them during the fight.
The main goal is victory and escape.
Good luck!