Vortex Point 7 Waddington Swamp

In the mystical town of Vortex Point, tourists often drop in.

This time Professor Prescott visited the city.

He wanted to uncover the secret of the swamp of Waddington and study it.

There are legends about him at Vortex Point.

No one has returned from the center of the swamp alive.

Many skeletons were found on the shore and even made a crypt.

Local authorities have banned swimming in the swamp, but it is still very popular.

The professor was not given permission to enter the swamp until he took with him someone from the team of paranormal researchers.

Kevin agrees to go with Prescott.

This is where it all begins.

In the game "Vortex Point 7", you will solve riddles and puzzles to escape from the swamp of Waddington.

First, go and look at the crypt.

Near the entrance there will be a pipe.

Take it and then you will be able to insert the pipe to a crocodile mouth, which blocks your way to the center of the swamp.

Then look at Sheila's snack bar.

Help arrange the boxes in the refrigerator and in thanks get a hammer.

They you can knock out the cork from the wall at the snack bar.

Then go to the souvenir shop and take the hammer and cork.

You will certainly be kicked out, but you quickly run to your office and open the drawer of the nightstand with a screwdriver.

Also grab the dirty boots near Caroline.

Drink a cocktail from a straw through a cork in a diner and pick up a sawfish, flute in a souvenir shop and wash dirty boots in a bucket.

Then go to the boat, fix it and give Prescott boots.

Having reached the edge use the fish to cut the boards and put the pipe in the crocodiles mouth.

Then you will stumble across a hut.

Wake the snake with a flute and take out a frisbee.

In the hut, look at the hint and talk to the old man.
Return, give Sheila a frisbee and get a crowbar.

Now go to the crypt, where you can unravel the door code by bright stars and a hint.

Break the boards with crowbar and take the pendant.

Give it to the old man and find out the secret of Lake Waddington.

Good luck!