Wake Up the Box 5

A new little masterpiece from the creators of the series of games Wake Up the Box is already waiting for you.
Today you will meet again with a nice box that always wants to sleep off. Your task is to wake the box in any way.
To do this, you have to try hard, inventing new ways to push the box into the abyss.
At your disposal there will be several types of shapes and a magic pencil.
In the game Wake Up the Box 5, you will draw different geometric shapes in specially designated frames.
From ordinary drawings, they will turn into wooden objects and help you wake the sleeping box.
The game is very cool and will not let you get bored.
To cope with all the challenges in this game you have to show remarkable logic and ingenuity.
But would it be difficult for such an experienced gamer?
Of course not! A little patience and you will become a winner.