Winter Quest

Winter is a great time of the year.
Everything around is covered with snow and the kids rush to the streets with joy to play snowballs or build a snowman.
Also, children and adults are looking forward to the Christmas holidays.
At this time of year, the most amazing and magical things happen.
Each of us believes in miracle and we know that miracles live in good hearts.
In the game "Winter Quest", you will play as a cute kid who wanted to bring gifts to his friends.
Suddenly, he flew off a steep hill and the sled with gifts turned upside down.
Now the boy needs to collect all the gifts and return home.
Along the way, you will help the boy do good deeds.
For example, you will meet a dog on the sidewalk, he is tied to the post.
Find the key and free the dog and you will have a loyal friend.
Enjoy the game and good luck!