Wonderous Lands

From immemorial time, the Keeper has been watching the world.
Without interfering directly, he monitors the balance.
Once upon a time the powerful demon Vorag attempted to take over the world and enslave all its inhabitants.
But there were heroes who care about the future of mankind and the keeper helped them to win and capture him.
For thousands of years, the demon's prison weakened, and soon Vorag managed to break free.
In a moment, all evil around the world sensed his call and came to his aid.
Now the keeper will have to assemble a new squad of brave heroes who will finally and irrevocably destroy Vorag and return the balance to the world.
The game "Wonderous Lands " will put you into the exciting world of fabulous battles and interesting stories.
You will manage three characters that you choose at the beginning of the game.
The map on which everything will happen is generated randomly, always different and very large.
On it you can meet different creatures and visit different places.
The variety of places is great: from caves with monsters to shops, taverns and temples.
Heroes are fighting by themselves.
On your shoulders lies only the preparation for the battle: choose wisely with whom to fight, what equipment to use, what skills to develop.
In the game you will find a lot of fascinating tasks, a wide variety of equipment and a powerful mechanism for leveling up and skills of your heroes.
Sit back and conquer the world of Wonderous Lands!