Yohoho.io is a fun multiplayer game. We will play for the pirates who are gathered on the treasure island and found a treasure. Only one should get the gold!

The game goal in this Pirates Treasure game is to collect from everybody gold doubloons. In the course of the battle royale, the more gold you accumulate, the larger you become, but you should not relax. Each player lasts for three - four hits, regardless of its size. The advantage of this io game is that when a weapon collides, it blocks each other. In short, it turned out pretty realistic battle.

Yohoho io is made in a mix of battle royale styles and a gain mass games. Here you can enter the battle as the game progresses. The space gradually narrows, and in the red zone you will not expect anything but death. And you can buy new skins for earned gold coins.

An observant user will see that the Treasures of the Pirates are similar to the brutal Vikings Village. In both games, you can clamp a click, and then attack hard with overclocking. Play and check out both awesome fun games!