Yukon Solitaire

Another solitaire variation Yukon Solitaire.
Move Aces to four foundations as you will have that chance. Build them up from Ace to King to clear the table and win in this game.
The top cards on the table may be built upon by a lower card of opposite color. For example, a black five can have a red four placed on it, followed by a black three and so on. Top cards of all piles are free, highlighted and can be moved individually. Any reviled card on the table can be moved, even if under several other cards. However, all cards covering that card will also be moved. Turn up face down cards as they become cleared. Expose face down cards as soon as possible. Any space made by moving a pile of cards can only be replaced by a King.

Play the game for it to become not only victorious for you, but also that it would really be winning for you in all your situations. And do not rush to do something wrong, and not that, because every wrong step will bring you closer to defeat, and only a well-thought game will bring you success and victory. Do not rush to do something fast.
Good luck!