Zombie Fight Club

Tired of the games in which you have to constantly kill hordes of zombies? Here you will have a great opportunity to take on the role of a walking dead guy. In the game "Zombie Fight Club", you can play one of the many living brainless corpses.
Now the zombies have their own fighting club, where people make bets and watch the battles of monsters. That's exactly how the monsters take revenge for the threat of the apocalypse and entertain themselves with the sound of crushing bones. You, by turn, will play one of the zombies.
For starters, you should equip your fighter well to increase your chances of winning.
You can choose his armor for torso well, legs, heads and upgrade many more features.
When the zombies are ready, you can go into the ring and start the battle. During the battle, you and your opponent will take strikes one at a time, choosing available attacks.
Try to deliver precise and powerful blows to the enemy to beat him.
After each successful battle, new items will be available to you.
Enjoy the game!