Tanks IO Online

TanksIO.Online brought a fresh word to the world of tank wars. Tank battles have never been so cute! The game looks great especially in contrast with the tactical Tankwars.io and the brutal Mudwars.io.
Controls are pretty much simple: WASD + click to shoot.
Players appear each at their base and need to destroy enemy tanks. The maximum team can consist of 3 tanks. As many LEDs glow, as much players are in that team. The number means the number of murders of team. A round last up to 25 kills; the first team that scores 25 kills win.
In TanksIO it is important to understand that: in order to smash an enemy tank, you need to make 4 hits on it. When you use a red bullet, your damage is doubled, but you only have 3 shots with such enhanced damage.
The blue bullet is a ricochet ammunition. Use them carefully, if he ricochets into you, there will be damage.
The armor icon in the center of the map gives you armor either for 2 minutes (approximately) or until it is shot down. Against a tank in armor, it's better not to go to the rampage. To determine whether there is armor is very simple - the armored tank is surrounded by a blue circle.
The red plus sign on the map will make you half healthy.
We can say that the creators of the TanksIO have made a great game. Now we are waiting for new maps and new bonuses in the game!