Glor.IO is a new strategy with gathering of resources and building a settlement. Yes, it is very similar to the game MooMoo.IO and will certainly remind good old Minecraft, but there are some differences. The main one is graphics quality and assistants. The graphics in GlorIO are more detailed and enjoyable. Assistants are characters that help you get resources, defend and help with attacks from enemies. The rest remained familiar gameplay.

It is easy to play GlorIO, you need to extract resources and build to strengthen your position in the game. TOP is calculated by the amount of gold. Gold in turn is mined by the construction of the Towers.

Your task is to collect resources located around (trees, stone mines and animals) and build a settlement for protection. To get food hunt animals (chickens, pigs, wolves and bears), but also you can create fields, they will bring food all the time without having to run after anyone. In addition, chickens periodically lay eggs, leaving eggs on the map.

Assistants are available to help you: Defenders, Peasants, Guardsmen and Gardeners. Be wary of wolves, bears and rivals!

In Glor IO, the position in the rating is determined by the amount of gold, so build Towers to improve your rating. The destruction of the enemy gives a quarter of his resources, including gold.

The game also has a mounts. Pigs are not only a source of meat, but also a means of transportation! After you saddled a pig, you are no longer just a warrior, you are a warrior on a pig! Tower and frighten your rivals from on high. To tame a pig, you need to find her. Not everyone will approach, but with a saddle on our back. We find, sit down and - we are on a pig! With the wolf, the situation is somewhat different. You can ride a black fighting wolf, in the wild it does not occur, you can only buy it. Over 1000 food and 10000 gold.