The game GoBattle.IO is similar to the good old Dandy games. Nevertheless, this is a modern IO game that deserves attention and reverence. Simple controls, amazing graphics, tons of players and, of course, favorite characters make GoBattleIO a real jewel of the genre. You can even play as knight Batman?

The task of game Go Battle IO is to beat all opponents and pick up the gold coins remaining after them. The more coins you collect, the stronger your weapon will become. The original weapon in GoBattle.IO is a throwing knife, but other weapons are scattered on the map that do the job better than the knife. Also in the game you can jump and crouch hide behind a shield. And on the map there are bottles with which you can replenish HP.

Each of the weapons in Go Battle IO has its advantage. The knife flies even beyond your limits of visibility. The bomb explodes very hard. The boomerang axe attacks the opponent in the back when it comes back and helps even against those who hide behind the shield.

The game has many secrets, hidden passages in walls through which you can access other rooms or to find hidden stashes of weapons caches. It is worth exploring the map to reveal all of its secrets.