s0urce.io is definitely a gem in the collection of IO games. There are certain features that are similar to Bellum.IO personal strategy, and the source.IO itself is unique in the IO genre. We will play as a hacker who needs to reach 1000 level. And this is possible in s0urce io.

The main task of s0urce io is to hack other players and protect yourself from hack attacks. Everything in the game requires bitcoins, which are earned in two ways: automatically and in the process of hacking. Part of the hack victim’s bitcoins means goes to the hacker. To automatically receive funds, you need to buy additional miners at the Black market.

In s0urce.IO there is a completely understandable tutorial. The hacking process itself is such that you enter words into the log window of the program window and thus break through the opponent's firewall. The one being attacked can notice it and counteract it. The game has a game chat and it's great to team up with someone to attack the same server. And to protect yourself, you need to upgrade your firewalls for capacity, complexity of hacking and automatic replenishment.

Source io is undoubtedly fascinating for its novelty and process itself. If you start playing s0urce io, until you build a Quantum server you can not stop. But it takes not so long - about an hour or so.