Bomby.IO is a crazy mix of AgarIO and Bomberman. On the one hand, it is necessary to collect green crystals, on the other hand, to rain game bots with bombs, the battles with which are deadly and same from other players. Crystals also fall out of killed opponents, by collecting them you will grow in level and the power of your bombs will grow. But be careful, because you can explode yourself on your bomb.

The main task of BombyIO is to get into the Top of highscore list and become the most powerful bomber. To do this you need to collect green crystals that fall out of defeated bots and other defeated players. The more crystals you collect, the eviler your smiley becomes and the stronger your bombs will be.

There is a blue circle around your character. When you hit this area of ​​bots, they are activated and come close to you. Meeting with them is deadly. Therefore, you have to maneuver between them and try to not collect too many bots around you, because other players are not asleep and always ready to help the bots destroy you. The good news is that your character is faster than bots and after a while you can break away from them. .

Despite the simple gameplay, Bomby IO is an amazingly addictive game, pleasing with unexpected twists, humor, and intense rivalry.