NoBrakes.IO offers an original race for drift lovers. Here and smooth driving, and the battle with other players, and difficult routes. And also bonuses, new forms of machines and much more that we love so much in IO games.

As in any other race, the goal in the game No Brakes IO is obvious - to reach the finish line and preferably first. But to do this is not so easy, because for any, even a little bit touch of the sides of the track, you fly out of the game. Other players will help you fly out. Each time, passing the checkpoint, the players get a weapon, which they shoot at others and can seriously knock out of the race.

Even the first track is not easy, but worth it. To pass it, you need to drive 9 circles. Very soon, the players understand that it is not so important to fight with other participants of the race, how much is important to reach the finish line. And for successfully passing the round game provides you with game currency, which you can use to customize your machine and acquire new skins.

NoBrakes.IO will be good fun and training for accuracy. Plus, a fun atmosphere, rich colors will please and put a smile on even the most severe gamers!