Battle Royale

Surviv.IO Battle Royale is a game in which the main goal is to stay alive. Players start the battle on a very large map, which is gradually narrowing. The player who survived last wins. The only goal in Surviv.IO, as in other Battle Royal games, is to survive. Habitat will gradually decrease, gathering players closer to each other and forcing them to fight. To become a winner in the fight, in the course of the game you need to look for weapons, ammunition and other equipment on the map.
To view the current level of habitat, you can click on the magnifying loupe icon in the lower left corner of the map or press M or G keys.
Items of ammunition are scattered on the map: Backpacks in the game differ in capacity. In exchange for a new thing, the old one is thrown away, and in order to take an object, you need to go to it and press F.
Survive IO is a game about tactical skills. You can hide among the trees and crates, attacking suddenly and swiftly. To make the attack more violent, you can use adrenaline pills, which also happen on the map.
Multi-colored (yellow, blue, red) squares are ammunition for a pistol, machine gun and shotgun, respectively.
From the killed opponents fall out all the items that they owned. So to hunt for others in Surviv IO is very profitable. It is better not to wait until someone finds you, but to find opponents yourself.
Keyboard shortcuts in Survive.IO
WASD for movement.
Hit or shot left mouse click.
Change weapons - 1 or 2.
Hide weapons - 3 or E.
Reload - R.
Pick Up the item - F.
Stop taking medication or adrenaline - X