CatMouse.IO is a classic .IO game, is some way similar to Agar.IO . If to disregard that, there are some differences, but the main thing is all the same - collect food to grow in size and destroy your opponents.

There are important differences in CatMouseIO that make it stand out from similar games. First, this is a team game, i.e: all players are divided into Cats or Mice. You choose your side before the start of the game and play for the chosen team. It is possible, in theory, to cooperate with the players to attack together.

Also in CatMouse.IO, food can be edible and inedible depending on which side you are playing. In general, this does not affect anything. You just can not eat food designed for your opponents. There is nothing to fear.

The third important difference in CatMouseIO is that in a battle your soldier cells are not absorbed instantly by big opponents, but rather begin to fight (as in Lordz.IO ). So keep an eye on the health meters of your warriors and make a run for it if things are going bad fast.

In the lower right corner there is a mini-map with all the players, indicating the type and size. Useful thing, we advise you not to go where the big opponent is located.