BuildRoyal.IO is a bizarre combination of a classic Battle Royale with the ability to gather resources and build protective walls. The goal as in any other BattleRoyale game is to survive. The winner will be only the last survivor in Build Royal IO.

The most interesting thing in this game is of course the ability to collect resources and build protective walls from other players. You can get wood, bricks and metal in BuildRoyaleIO. When you have gathered enough it is possible to build from these materials. To go into construction mode, you need to press Q. To change the material, you must click the right mouse button. This feature looks very doubtful, because while you mine and build, you have a great chance to die way before your time.

But collecting weapons and ammunition in BuildRoyale IO is a much more sensible idea. Weapons as always scattered around the map (as well as ammunition and all sorts of first aid kits). You can select weapons by pressing the number of the desired weapon.

Do not forget that the BuildRoyale.IO is a Battle Royale game, so the safe zone will shrink, forcing players to gather closer to the center of the map, intensifying already nervous atmosphere.

To play the Build Royale IO in full screen, click the button in the upper right corner. While waiting for the next round of the game you can play soccer with other players!