Braains 2 io is the same game as , but with a number of improvements. Join the ranks of one of the teams and try to reach the goal in the provided time.

First of all, is a team game, which means you will need to coordinate your actions in order to succeed. In the game you get into one of the teams - people or zombies. Each team has its own goal. People try to survive until the end of the round, shooting at the zombies and blocking the entrances to the buildings. Zombies, in turn, try to touch people to turn them into zombies. Zombies can help them selves by creating zombie bots. People win if by the end of the game there remains at least one live person. Zombies win as soon as there is not a single person alive.

Move with WASD or mouse. Left click to use the item. G to drop the item. E to take the item. C for crafting. Right click to attack zombies.