Frantic Frigates

Now we will conquer the seas and oceans on our little frigate.
But these endless expanses of water in addition to beauty and fake peace of mind hide many dangers.
Under the quiet water surface hiding bloodthirsty sharks and other monsters.
But the surface is cut through pirate ships in search of new prey.
In the game "Frantic Frigates" you will have a difficult day.
There will be many opponents everywhere.
You will be hunted by hungry sharks and a whole bunch of pirate ships.
You must destroy them all to earn money to upgrade your frigate and purchase more powerful weapons.
For each enemy killed, you will receive several gold coins, but in order to significantly replenish the contents of your account you need to look for chests of gold.
A little dexterity, quickness and speed and you will become the conqueror of the seas.
Have a nice game!