Highwayman Clicker

Now you are transported to ancient times, when life was completely different.
For example, previously it was impossible to calmly walk through a forest without stumbling upon a robber. In those days, robberies flourished and many earned it a living.
Not the best option, is it? But what can you do here.
In the game "Highwayman", you will play a forest robber named Nando Robeiro. He often robbed merchants and took from them all the money and valuable items.
His job is dusty, but his salary is big. For one raid robber well replenished their pockets.
In the clicker game you have to divide the profession of Nando and become a robber.
Attack the merchants, beat them and take their money.
In the lower block is a menu with indicators of Nando and its victims.
With a large supply of money, you can buy bonuses and increase the ability of your rogue.
Also, a little later, you can hire yourself an assistant and together go to the forest to your victims.