Horse Rancher

In this game you will be a real horse breeder and will be able to manage your own farm.
To start, open the store and buy any horse of your choice, after which you will be able to participate in it in races.
The store has a large selection of horses, the more expensive the horse, the greater will be the indicators of its characteristics, namely: endurance, speed and recovery. After you buy a horse, you will be called on horse racing from time to time.
You have three years to develop a successful horse farm and become a successful horse producer.
Buy food for your horse and make sure that it does not end, otherwise your horse will be powerless and will not be able to express themselves well in the race.
During the race, you can customize your horse, while you use its endurance, but do not try to customize very often, otherwise your horse will run out of energy and it will stop in the middle of the path.
At first, join only cheap races, because you have a very weak horse.
Be a real horse maker and go a long way from the weakest to the best horse.
Also in the game there are training races, with which you can prepare for races for money.
Here you can train to ride and customize your horse correctly.