completes a large family of PUBG like io games. There is a lot in this game, which is not available in other similar games. For example, the characters are able to jump. Try it!

The combat objective in KruntIO is to remain the last one alive in the game. I have to say, there are a lot of differences with other Battle Royale shooters. Here the game zone is also narrowed down and you need to quickly shoot down enemies, so that there will be no surprises. From the chest we can acquire weapons and you can hide in the houses. The supply of water will speed you up. And you are able to jump. And it's not just for jumping over the bullets.

In the left corner you see your stock of wood. Press the Q button to build a barrier that will protect you from a pair of shots. The thicker the defensive wall you put, the harder it will be to get you killed. You can leave a space between the joints of the walls to shoot through it. And if you play Krunt io in a team, then you can build a real impenetrable Base.

Move around the map of Krunt io ant pick up better guns. To move around faster you can get a car. Crush your enemies with it! But be careful! When your opponents hit the car, they hit you directly. So behind the wheel you can die very quickly, but its a lot easier to hit you behind the wheel.