Nightmares of Victor 5

How often do you have nightmares? And how often do they take your consciousness in captivity and do not let you go? Sometimes it happens that we sweetly and peacefully fall asleep in our own beds, and wake up in creepy and mystical places.
so at least at first it seems to us.
But in fact, we sleep and see a nightmare.
Some people rarely have such nightmares, others more often, and others every night.
In the game "Nightmares of Victor 5" the boy has long been tormented by nightmarish dreams, where the disgusting and evil creatures want to drag him.
In the game you have to help Victor get through his entire nightmare to the end and cunning to prevent the creatures from grabbing it.
To do this, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with this other world, where Victor's astral body falls.
You must collect all the items that you can and then use them to go to the right place.
But this may not happen the first time, so try to remember where to go and where and what items you need.
Help baby Victor confront his nightmares.
Have a nice game!