The Most Wanted Bandito 2

Game The Most Wanted Bandito 2 is the return of our legendary gangster hero, the adventures of who, as always, take place in the wild west in the endless empty desert.
The game has two modes, it is Story and endless ridding.
In the story mode, you will play on the big map, where all the points of intersection with the enemies and the main actions of our gangster are marked with separate icons, these are our missions.
Each of those missions is unique, in some you need to pursue the enemy train and rob it, and in some defend against the attacks of other cowboys who want to take away your life and money.
Take a gun, sit on your horse and quickly jump to the adventure.
Pump up weapons, improve your shooting skills and buy new heroes.
Hint: During the game, you can notice different horseshoes for luck, or life icons that can hang out of the windows of houses, or trains.
Be sure to shoot at these horseshoes, they can add to our gangster a bonus in the form of luck, money, ammunition, or an additional supply of life.