The Power of Love Clicker

Once a knight came to his beloved to give her a serenade and his love heart. But the evil king locked the princess in the fortress and forbade him to go out. The king dreamed of a rich and noble son-in-law, and not a poor knight without a title. But our brave hero will not surrender so easily and win back his beautiful sweetheart.
In the clicker game "The Power of Love", you will help the gallant knight to besiege the fortress.
At first you will be armed only with a guitar.
Hit it on the fortress and the gold coins will pour form there.
The main thing is to have time to collect them, because they may be lost.
As soon as you collect enough coins, you can go to the store.
There you can buy a lot of useful things: rollers for speed, an ax or an apple to enhance the damage from your weapon.
Ready? Long live the magical power of love!