is a MMORPG 2D online game in the style of Battle Royale. We go to the ancient world of magic, chivalry and nobility in order to defeat powerful rivals!

The game goal in The Last Io is to stay the last one alive in the game. I must immediately say that there are a lot of weapons here, and for the whole genre of Battle Royal it is unique. On the title page at the bottom of the screen you can see the gradation of weapons in power. Choose the coolest to better defend and attack.

The uniqueness of theLastio starts from the beginning. Players appear in the dragon's nest. While people are going to battle, you can have fun by breaking the dragon's egg in the center. From it falls a weapon that you can immediately take. This means that at the start you will not be with your bare hands. Next you drop down. To quickly get to the ground, press the space bar.

In the lower right corner, you can see your armor, health and mana characteristics. Mana you need to wield magic staffs. They are very powerful and are able to hit the enemy even behind walls. To refill your mana and health you need to find and eat fruits and potions.

Habitat in Last Io is gradually narrowing. The game is very fast, and the sooner you find a weapon, the better for your life. Defend yourself and destroy rivals. After you find yourself with the last surviving face to face, kill him too. And there is a new round soon!