Third Kingdom

A new strategy game called the Third Kingdom.
You are playing under the direction of General Liu Bei and your main task is to defend your kingdom from enemy attacks.
Your main enemy is General Cao Cao! Together with his numerical army, he came to destroy General Liu Bei.
Start the game! To begin with, you have to build several defense towers with archers that will attack the approaching enemies. In the future you will be able to build various fortifications, as well as plant crops to make your army strong and invincible! Enemy attacks will be constant, and over time, they will grow! The number of enemies will rise to whole masses who will try to break through your defenses, but you must not let this happen.
Strengthen your defenses, improve buildings until they reach the maximum level.
Provide your kingdom maximum profit, because the more money , the more buildings you can build and improve.
Get ready to meet powerful bosses that will go at the end of each new wave.
Create your own strategy to protect your kingdom! Unlock special skills and increase your chances of winning.