Yorg.IO is a single player survival game. The whole map is entirely a resource base on which we have to build our base and resist zombie attacks!

The task of Yorg IO is to survive for as long as possible. After you establish your Base, you will need to protect it. If the Base is destroyed, then you lose and can only send your friends a screenshot of the number of days that you managed to hold out.

Net - this is the key word for describing the processes that take place in YorgIO. You need to extract resources, connect them to the net with the factories, combine the factories with the production of ammunition, and they in need to connect with the defense towers. This way you will secure your towers with ammunition and be able to withstand the attacks of zombies. By following the step by step recommendations of the game, you will quickly understand how, what and where to build.

To advance in construction and to open new buildings, you need to upgrade the Base. The maximum number of upgrades is 7. When your Base is at the maximum level, you can also level any building to the seventh level. It is especially important to upgrade resource mines in Yorg io so that they extract more resources. And you can connect several mining mines to the same field!

In the phase of the day you rebuild, and in the phase of the night you are attacked by the zombie YorgIO. They are aiming for the Base, so you can spot the pattern in their attacks and build more defenses where necessary. It so happens that in some places you can not worry about the defense at all and feel great. After the night attack, the HPs of your buildings will recover to the maximum absolutely free.