Zombotron 2: Time Machine

A new game called Zombotron 2: Time Machine.
The story of the most interesting game about zombies continues.
Our hero finally defeated all the zombies and monsters, and also managed to fix the rocket, on which he was going to leave the planet Zombotron.
But the trouble is, at one point, he realized that he had no fuel and he could not take off. Our fearless hero is waiting for new adventures, he will have to continue to wander around this planet in search of fuel.
So proceed to the game! You will find 13 unique levels on the planet Zombotron! Continue the game with an exciting gameplay and interesting story.
By passing the zombies, you will meet red biorobots that will capture your hero and take away all his armor.
One of the new characters will be a brave Amazon Phin, who will free you from captivity and will help throughout the game.
Together, the heroes have to go through a bunch of obstacles, fight with many zombies, monsters and biorobots.
Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine, run, shoot, ride elevators, mining trucks, and even drill installations.
Go through the missions and solve the riddle of the planet Zombotron.
Good luck!