War in Space

In the game WarIn.Space you spawn on the base of in small spaceship that collects Christmas sticks, Christmas trees and other food for experience points and leveling your ship. The main task is to destroy the opponent's base.

The goal in WarInSpace is direct and simple - destroy the enemy Base to win. Above you see the amount of health at your base and enemy factions. When a player spawn, depending on the level of the ship, the Base spends a certain amount of health. When a player is killed, this health burns. The game would be very long if you could not attack the opponent's base directly. It is difficult though, but you are doing serious damage to the Base.
As soon as the health of one of bases is finisher, the winner is announced and the map restarts beginning a new battle.

The game has mouse control. Left button - shoot, right - use special skills. To stop completely, you need to hover the cursor on your ship. But then it is inconvenient to shoot, right? To shoot while standing and at the same time aim the mouse, hold down the shift.