can be called a real masterpiece. It's not only about the versatility of leveling and additional skills, a variety of levels and skills, but also the fact that the battle here is a serious matter.

So, you are a rookie in Slay One. Take a look at your skill tree. You have 1200 points with which you can upgrade. Your experience is also visible, and for each new level you get gold, for which you can buy some skills.

In the game you will have two scales: health and energy. For energy, you can use special devices like health, bomb thrower, invisibility, etc. All these things can be leveled for points, but do not forget about the skills Agility and Strength. It is noteworthy that the skill of strength does not give more damage, it only expands to your health.

In Zombie mods you earn experience points directly on the level and can be further leveled directly on the battlefield. After a few rounds in Slay one, you will understand what’s the matter and why this game can be given 10 out of 10 as an excellent shooting game with some RPG elements.

The last of the added mods in Zombies: first you play for humans. Your task is to withstand the onslaught of zombies to the end of the map and then you won. But if you are killed, you are reborn as a zombie; You have a pointing arrow on the survivors and your task is to turn all people into your own kind. It is noteworthy that playing for zombies you also have your own unique skill tree.