CurveFever.Pro is the sequel to the hit but already closed CurveFever.IO game. In the new version we will have a lot of ships, a lot of skills, leveling and treasure chests awarded for your victory!

The main task in Curve Fever Pro is to evolve your ship. They are of three types: Triangular, tetrahedral and Pentahedral. Each of these types has 8 upgrades of the ship itself and many upgrades of weapons that your ship can carry. But the game is built in such a way that even on a well-pumped ship you can lose to a beginner who gets the games controls and this brings a great balance to the game!

At the first glimpse at Curvefeverpro you will be confused by all sorts of badges, but very quickly you will figure it out and enjoy the competition. Each map involves 6 people. They fight up to 8 rounds, figuring out the winner. In detail: the first round is light, everyone passes it. But in the second round, the first player who lost the game leaves the tournament forever. And from second round and on, it will always be like this until the last round: the one who dies first will be dropped out. But if you won the round, i.e. were the only survivors, then you get immunity. Even if in the next round of Curve Fever Pro you will die first, then you continue the competition, and in this round no one will be dropped out.

In CurveFever.Pro, you can die in two ways. The first is to bump into the line that any of the players drawn (including you) or into bump in to another player. Second, if you are shot, blown up, smashed or otherwise defeated by another player. In the course of the game you will see all the weapon sets of players and from that time know what to expect from your opponents.

For victories in Curve Fever Pro you get money that can be spent on weapon upgrades, crystals for which you can speed up the opening of chests won by you and speed up acquiring of the new ships. In the chests you can get all sorts of bonuses for leveling and enhancement. The most important thing is to level up new ships. As soon as the new ship is ready, you can use it!

To use a weapon in the Curve Pro, you need to get ammunition for it. Its those balls floating on the battlefield. Near your ship there is an indicator of your current ammo load. But even if it is full, but you should still take all the same balls so that those ammunitions are not picked up by the opponents.