A new exciting and fast game Karnage.IO, which is definitely worth it to heat up a boring evening and kill everyone who gets in the way in this game.

To win in Karnage IO, you need to beat as many rivals as possible. There are two modes: FFA and Team deathmatch. In the first case, the victory will be a personal skill, in the second a great team work and most frags by a team. But in any case, you will need to make as many frags and fewer deaths as possible in order to receive in game Credits.

Death here is possible in two cases: either opponents will kill you, or you will fall into the lava. As soon as you were killed, you seem to be thrown into the main menu, but your nickname is still “in the game,” so respawn, and continue your fight.

In order to levelup, you need to register in the game. Believe me, it's worth it. As it seems, the resulting level doesn’t affect anything (yet), but for winning you get credits, and you can go with them to the STORE. There you will take part in 2 types of roulettes with weapons: for 10 Cr and for 30 Cr. It's all for the same weapon, but the chance of drop of unique items in the roulette for 30 Cr is a lot higher. And the coolness of the weapon is graded by:

Broken, Legendary, Epic, Improved, Unusual, Ordinary. From best to simplest.

Conventional weapons are differ from the base models only by colors. The only problem that rises is where do these weapons appear and how do you get them? You need to go to the Loadout menu, where you change classes. In the same place you can choose Primary and Secondary weapons for yourself. It is not very clear which class weapon did you win, so you will have to check for weapons each class - and if there is something new there.

As practice shows, players with improved weapons do more damage, and they look more attractive than non-game players with standard brown guns. So it is worth registering, level and start buying weapons. The main thing is that KarnageIO is worth of your time.

Karnage.IO game has many classes with a unique combination of speed / weapons / health.

Triggerman. Weapons - automatic rifle and grenade launcher. Strong class, fast enough in running and shooting.
Vince. Armed with a shotgun + grenade launcher. Very strong with his fast touch and shooting at close range. Plays good on maps with many turns.
Hunter. This is a fan of the theory of "one bullet - one kill." Armed with a sniper rifle and a pistol. Instead of the destructive power of a rifle, he has very little health.
Franklin. Class for fans of a powerful revolver. The second weapon is the rocket launcher. Very fast in both movement and shooting.
Spray N 'Pay. There is plenty of health, the speed is really small, and it is armed with a minigun; there is no second weapon.
Mr.Ops. He has increased resistance to explosive damage, because he himself is armed with a rapid-fire rocket launcher + pistol.

In the same place where you choose a weapon for your class, there is a Passive selection. Take a closer look at it:

Health recovery
More weapons / health / armor in boxes
Increased rate of fire
Ability to take more armor
Greater critical strike chance

First of all I want to remind you about registering, saving up loans and buying new weapons. Choose yourself a passive skill. Many people play without him, completely unaware of what they are depriving themselves.
Switch weapons in the game KarnageIO is instant. Therefore while playing for triggerman you can shoot a grenade and in a moment spray everything with lead from a rifle.
It's cool to take Spray N ‘Pay + health regeneration. Health is replenished quickly, and after five to six seconds after the fight your soldier is alive and well again.
Very often, players fall into the lava while trying to lose the pursuit. Keep shooting at them. Even if you will not kill them with bullets, if and they fall into the lava, you will be rewarded with a frag.