In the game Mudwars.IO you have to get involved in mud wars with worthy rivals. Your task is to dig tunnels and mine gold bars and, accordingly, rating points. At the start, you can select a region (choose the one closest to you), the interface language and the skin of your tank.
At the very beginning of the game you appear in a safe area. Here the damage does not work, it is useless to attack. However, it is useful to collect gold bars. Everyone gives you rating points. With each increase in the level of the tank, you have the opportunity to upgrade the tank: the type of ammunition, damage, recharge rate, etc.
In addition, there are additional features that allow you to become invisible and get closer to your opponents.
Move: W and S.
Direction of movement: mouse.
Shoot: left click.
Use a safe zone to pump, as well as to take a break if you need to go somewhere else.