BattleBoats.IO is difficult to compare to other games of the IO genre: there haven't been any such games yet. Excellent graphics, simple controls, a clear goal - it turned out strong beautiful game. To win in Battle Boats IO, you will have to be careful not only with other players, but also with automatic traps that can easily kill the most leveled up ship.
BattleBoatsIO turned out to be a very cute, stylish and just fantastic game, which should be considered as a super hit.

Your combat mission in BattleBoats.IO is to move your mine to the enemy base. Take a closer look: your boat appears in the red circle and a huge water mine floats near your base. To move this mine to the base of the enemy, you need to collect 50 boxes with the sign of the mine. They are located in the center of the map (the arrow shows you where) and are guarded by firing towers that can be destroyed and laser installations. To destroy the tower, you need to swim up to the distance of the shot and click on it with the mouse - your ship will shoot at her. But destroyed tower, after a while, will appear again. Laser installations cannot be destroyed, you just need to avoid them - they hit you very badly and you should never put your ship under the laser.

To heal or replenish your ammo supply in BattleBoats IO you need to collect the corresponding boxes. Also collect boxes with XP, they are needed to level up your ship and your boat automatically becomes bigger and more powerful.

It is worth noting an unusual combat system with other players in the Battle Boats IO. By pressing space key, you will be asked to choose, on the right or on the left side you want to scatter your bombs. By pressing Q or E, your ship will fire three mines that will cause serious damage to the enemy.