Shell Shockers

ShellShockers.IO is a 3D shooter in a super original design. With a sense of humor, the creators decided in this simple game to find out who, literally, has a stronger shell on their eggs.

Shell Shockers IO is in a state of pre-alpha. But there are already a lot of players here! The main task is to break as many eggs as possible around and not to be destroyed yourself. At the very beginning, you can choose a hero with a gun, a shotgun or a sniper rifle. Also included is a pistol for each fighter. Separately, it is worth noting that the shots to the "head" are counted.

There are grenades scattered all over the map. Maximum you can collect 3 grenades in reserve, and after the throw, they explode pretty quickly. To attack with a grenade, you need to press Q. They do not ricochet and stick to the place where they hit. With a direct hit can blow up a player with 100 hp!

Shell Shockers is a hit already and it will go a long road. This is seen already in the attitude of the creators to the players; In the game, the right-handed movement model for left-handers has been prudently made. Excellent graphics and cheerful atmosphere also add advantages to this game.