Anyone who is familiar with the games developer Sidney de Vries probably expected a new hit from him. And - here it is, the game Foes.IO! The combination of Moomoo.IO and Vertix.IO. On the one hand, elegant design, on the other hand a very thoughtful battle system.

FoesIO the gameplay is divided by rounds, so the main task is to win the round. No experience is accumulated either during the game or outside. Nevertheless, the game is super fresh, and the developer is very talented, so everything is still ahead!

In order to win in Foes IO you need to quickly run around the map, collecting weapons and chests with the "?" - there are hidden bonuses in them that will help you a lot in the battle. You can carry weapons of two types: hand-to-hand and long-range weapons, and you cannot take two guns of the same type - the previous one is discarded instead of the one taken. There are not so many ammunition in the game, by taking a crossbow with 5 arrows and having spent several of them, you can take another crossbow, in which there will be five fresh arrows.

This IO game is very interesting in terms of the battle itself. To attack, run or do short sprints you use stamina. Its replenished over time. If someone fired a shot at you, and you used stamina and dodged by it. Or in the other use, in melee - you can also suddenly cover from a strike. In a fight, the one who uses such a micro action most often wins.