Warbot.IO is a game in a very realistic 3d design. Excellent graphics and detailed characters will delight all lovers of robots and a good fight.

There are two main goals in Warbot IO. The first one is to open all locked robots in order to play them. To do this, you need to conduct a good fight in the arena, along the way collecting gold coins, for which new robots are opened. The second is to fight well and get to high scores. To do this you will need to use a few simple tricks.

First, you need to collect red and blue icons. In fact, there are no negative bonuses in WarbotIO, so everything you see can be picked up and used. Red gear icons give you an attack skill boost, and blue gears add pros to your defense skills. It is necessary to develop both. Bonuses appear on the map randomly, sometimes as a drop out of killed opponents and are generated in large volume in the center of the map with a special generator placed there. To find this generator, take a look at your mini-map in the lower right corner, it is marked with a blue dot.

Also, there are small robots crawling on the map. If you will destroy such robot, it will drop a special bonus that helps you in the battle. Like a shield, armor, drones and other good stuff.

Be careful, it is possible to fall into the holes of the platform. If you do it – you will die.

Warbot IO has very original controls implemented for your bot. At the same time move and shoot. So you move with WASD and use the arrows for viewing the terrain. When your cursor will turn red when aiming at the enemy – you can shoot safely!