Bruh.IO is a multiplayer survival shooter, another beautiful game in Battle Royale game genre. Killing is not so important here; the most important thing is not to be killed! And for this you need to apply the entire set of their tactical skills.

The main task in BruhIO is to survive. You appear on the map, where there are a lot of weapons and the natural landscape of which is suitable for a good urban battle. Gradually, radiation is crawling onto the map, and the only chance to survive is to remain inside an unpolluted area. It is convenient to navigate on the mini-map in the upper left corner. The game lasts until only one player is left alive, who is declared the winner, and then a new round begins.

Unlike similar games, where after death of your character you leave the game and immediately enter the new server, you turn into a ghost in the Bruh IO and can remain to watch the result of the game. Ghosts can be seen. It’s great to see how at the very end of the map, where 2-3 players remain in a narrow area, crowds of disembodied players scurry about, waiting for the outcome. Undoubtedly, this feature adds the effect of involvement in the game!

It is necessary to understand that the weapon taken on the map is not always a guarantee to your victory, and the most ordinary pistol in good hands will be more deadly than a machine gun or a shotgun in the hands of a novice. Running in rampage in this game is dangerous, because after a duel you still have little health, which other players can immediately use in their advantage. So to replenish your health you need to collect first-aid kits that are scattered all around the map.