Mobg.IO is a modern online multiplayer survival shooter. You need to have time to collect more weapons, so that by the time the maps start to narrow, you had full arms to meet your opponents!

The main task in MobgIO is to remain the only survivor on the map. To do this, you will need to collect weapons, ammo for them, pick up in time first-aid kits and learn how to use the acceleration booster. In the upper left corner, it is written how many more people survived and how many were killed. There is also a mini-map, which is useful for orientation on level.

In Mobg IO as in any survival shooter there are a red zone behind the edges of the map, inside which your hp gradually decreases until you die. And the red zone is gradually narrowing, leaving less space for life. Players eventually gather in the center of the map, where the real battle of survival begins. The game will end as soon as the last survivor remains.

To win in Mobg.IO you need to monitor the state of your health, stock up on ammunition and learn to use natural objects of the landscape for military purposes: hide in the bushes, hide behind tanks, etc. Collect boosters that strengthen you to use them at a crucial moment!