Takepoint.IO plunges us into the world of military clashes. It is necessary to capture checkpoints, cooperate with clan members and capture the whole world of this tough game!

The main task in TakepointIO is to dominate the map. To do this, you will need to grow in level to pump your fighter and successfully fight against opponents. Experience and levels you get for killing rivals and capturing control points. Most of the experience you accrue for the capture of the central, largest point. In addition, you get experience every minute depending on how many points you have captured.

If you have lost the checkpoint, then you need to return it again. And, having it successfully returned, you will again get experience for it! So, technically, sometimes it is even advantageous to give the point to the opponent, in order to capture it again. Or agree with the enemy on the experience of sharing together. However, takepoint.io is first and foremost a combat game, so that all those who are not of your color are enemies, and there is nothing to chat with them!

Upon reaching the needed level in Takepoint io you get the opportunity to get a new weapon: a sniper, a machine gun or a shotgun. And at an even higher level, you will have the opportunity to develop a bonus skill: put a wall, throw a grenade, etc.

Be sure to check the mini-map to notice in time that some checkpoints are being captured from you. Cooperate with your allies and capture the world.