BattlePoint.IO is a remake of the great game NightPoint.IO with the Battle Royale mode. Created by the same author in the same game style. Wait for other players to connect, find the gun and try to survive on this city of despair.

The main task in BattlePointIO to survive at any cost. It will not be easy, the server is designed for 40 players and everyone will fight to the last. Before joining the game, you can choose a different skin from the selection. You can open locked skins simply by sharing the game in a social network.

First of all, select the desired server from the list provided. This is important because if the Battle point IO server is located far away from you, the game will lag and this will be a huge advantage for your opponents. As soon as a sufficient number of players are gatherer, the game will begin.

As soon as the game began the first thing you need to do is to find a weapon. Fighting with fists is also possible, but unfortunately it will not help much against firearms. Ammunition will not be superfluous either, just like grenades. Grenades in Battlepoint IO come handy to deal with those who barricaded themselves. Building a barricade is also a good option, but there are plenty of buildings on the map and you can shoot from them at Battle Point IO for quite a while. They make a great hiding place especially when you carry a shotgun or something for close range battles.