BattleRoyale.IO is a new and quite remarkable game, where in addition to player opponents, you will have to meet bots and space creatures, who knows what to expect from them and it is not clear when they will attack.

BattleRoyale IO is a battle royal genre game, so your goal is to survive and stay alive the last one on the station. At some point of the game the map will start to decrease, forcing you to move deeper into the available map area and reducing your chances of waiting out in a secure place.

BattleRoyaleIO differs from the similar games in that in addition to live players, you will be hunted by bots and unknown monsters.

There are three types of space creatures: creep, mutated creep and the sentinel. The mutant creep differs from the usual creep in that it is three times stronger, faster, and so on. The sentinel is the most dangerous of all, none of those who met him survived.

In BattleRoyale.IO, the following types of weapons are available to you: Blaster, Plasma Cannon, Flamethrower, Shotgun, and Flare Gun. Everyone has their own good and bad sides; it makes sense to try each.

In Battle Royal Io there are a number of objects, and also there are skills that can be enhanced with the upgrade Tokens.

When you pass through the active laser door, you will get a lot of damage, so look for a generator that feeds the door nearby to turn it off by pressing on it. In the stashes you can find interesting loot (weapons, tokens, etc.). Tokens will allow you to acquire upgrades. These include an increase in the maximum level of health (and instant recovery to its maximum), the speed of regeneration, the rate of breaking of the terminals, the level of protection from the laser, and the capacity of your ammunition.