Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dreams

Ready for the new adventures of our red little car?
This kid has changed a lot since our last meeting.

Now he doesn’t look like a scared, unhappy and cornered car.

Our red friend has turned into a brave and courageous car, which is equipped with a gun installation.
Now, then all enemies will get what they deserve.

In the game "Car Eats Car 3" you will have to take part in incredible events.

Enemies kidnapped the beloved girl of our red car - a purple cute car.

He needs to save his beloved from the clutches of bad guys fast.
Finally, you have a weapon.

There is an installation on the roof of the car, which automatically works as soon as an evil machine appears nearby.
For every destroyed enemy, you get three large red diamonds.

The more stones and gold parts you have, the better you can equip your car in the store.

During the trip, try to collect all the bonuses.

They will help you to replenish your life power, get turbo mode or get bombs to destroy enemy cars.

Enjoy the game!